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We are a European-based network of lawyers that specialises in advising and representing our clients on trade law and commercial agency law. We offer a wide range of experience, in depth and up to date knowledge and direct advice wherever you are based – both for day to day business activities and for specific problems – whether at regional, national or European level.

Trade law and commercial agency law require specialist knowledge and cover areas such as the legal relationships with commercial agents, representatives, brokers and agents, and franchising.

The objective of the Cooperation, which was set up in 1998, is to offer clients direct access to specialist lawyers acting within Germany and the rest of the European Economic Area. We aim to provide clients with general advice or to represent them in court and to assist them in asserting their rights quickly, competently and effectively.

The firms within the Cooperation comprise lawyers who have been working in this specialised area for many years. All our members are known for their expertise in professional circles, with trade associations and within their legal environment. The Cooperation partner firms meet regularly to share experiences, to discuss recent cases and to ensure that their knowledge of their specialist area is totally up to date.

The following pages provide you with information on our Cooperation and our goals and concepts. The Cooperation Partners section gives you brief portraits of the independent law firms in the network.

Any of the partners listed can be contacted for an initial discussion. The addresses and contacts are shown both in the overview sections on the individual partners and in the “Contacts” section.